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Pricing References for Our Most Popular Services

Real Estate Video and Photo Packages

Our Most Popular Real Estate Packages

Below are the various starting rates for our most popular real estate video and photo packages.

Luxe Video Highlight


+ tax

* MLS use only, not licensed for commercial use

Luxe Video Twilight


+ tax

* MLS use only, not licensed for commercial use

Custom Shoots


+ tax

* Popular services requested by customers (price vary based on package design) 

*Floor plans according to NCREC standards (not a licensed apprasier)

Architecture + Design

Bespoke Solutions for Our Creatives

The needs of architects, designers, and builders are different, and we aim to showcase that distinction.

Using a combination of our most advanced and detailed interior and exterior photography techniques, we offer solutions tailored specifically to highlight the unique aspects of each project.

Our approach emphasizes the intricate details and artistic vision inherent in your work, ensuring that every image captures the essence of your design and craftsmanship.

(Final price depends on scope of the project)

Standard Shoot


+ tax

An editorial-style shoot, ideal for smaller or standard projects that, perfect for projects that need professional imagery quickly and efficiently.

*Limited commercial use, see FAQ for more info

Custom Half-Day


+ tax

Ideal for projects that demand more time and creative input. It offers a relaxed environment, where everyone involved can breathe, dream, and create together.  Clients are given an iPad to view and participate in framing the perfect image in real time.  

*Limited commercial use, see FAQ for more info

*If the shoot requires traveling to multiple locations, be aware that a mileage surcharge may be applicable.

Custom Full-Day


+ tax

This session is focused on spending ample time on each aspect of the shoot, facilitating close work with clients to perfect every detail. It’s the premier choice for comprehensive projects, especially where meticulous attention and collaboration are key.

*Limited commercial use, see FAQ for more info

*If the shoot requires traveling to multiple locations, be aware that a mileage surcharge may be applicable.

Long-term and Short-term Rentals

Our Most Popular Rental Packages

Filming and photographing rental properties are fun because you are often trying to tell a story that sells potential renters on the experience you've designed for them.

And most of the time you have one chance to connect, let's make it count!

(Final price depends on scope of the project)

Essential Shoot


+ tax

This is our most basic approach to photographing rentals. 

Our priority in this session is to inspire and connect, but also to provide a glimpse into the overall layout of the home.

*Limited commercial use, see FAQ for more info

Experience Shoot


+ tax

This shoot is designed for those searching for a distinguished rental experience.

Our priority is to highlight the essence and mood of the property through more detailed and intimate photography and a video highlight, providing a more experiential snapshot of what potential renters can expect when renting the property.

*Limited commercial use, see FAQ for more info

Custom Experience


+ tax

Most suited for more premier rentals, this shoot is all about immersing potential renters in the experience your rental has designed for them.

Our priority is to capture the moments that make your rental special, ensuring we highlight the kind of experiences guests can enjoy, like lazy afternoons by the pool or cozy nights in.

It’s about showcasing a place where memories can be made and shared.

*Limited commercial use, see FAQ for more info

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Clarity Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services and policies. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

The key difference lies in the approach and end result of the two services.

  • Basic Photos: This service is designed as a more economical option for clients who want to work with us but may not be ready to invest in the Luxe services. The goal here is to produce good-quality images quickly and at an affordable price point.

  • Luxe Service: In our our premier offering, Luxe services allows our our photographers to take an artisan approach to their work. They focus on crafting images that do more than just show a space; they capture and portray emotion, creating a deeper, more engaging visual experience. Luxe services are about delivering exceptional, high-quality, emotionally resonant imagery for clients who seek that extra level of detail and creativity.